My Story

I have been a stay-at-home mom since my first daughter was born many moons ago. My sister-in-law started selling Scentsy in 2006 and I fell in LOVE with the product. I love having a fresh smelling house to hide all the kid odors. I also love it because I hate to cook, but with Scentsy I can give the illusion that I have been cooking! (Unfortunately, that turns out to be very disappointing to my husband and kids.) In 2009 I decided I wanted to do something for myself. Ahem, something that would equal a dollar amount. But I have never had the heart to go to work and leave my kids at daycare. I really love being the one to kiss their boo-boos and be the first to witness every single little milestone. I had seen the enormous success of both my sister-in-law and Scentsy itself, growing more than 200% a year in a down economy. I figured why not! I signed up in November of 2009 and have been having a lot of fun making extra money and meeting really great new friends! Scentsy has so many benefits, but my favorite is the incentive trips they offer each year. In 2012 I was blessed enough to earn the trip for myself and my husband to the Dominican Republuc–Rockin’ the Republic! In 2013 I went to New York with Scentsy’s Pick Pack and Play incentive trip! It was so much fun and I look forward each year to finding out where the trip will be and working hard to earn it! Be sure to check out <a href=""> to view the beautiful new warmers and read descriptions of the wonderful new scents! And for a limited time order your favorite discontinued scents with Scentsy Bring Back My Bar!   <!--endbody-->   <!--endbody-->